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Shielding Protective and Peace Orders from your Civil Record

Confidential paperwork

Pursuant to the Maryland Family Law Code, if you have been a Respondent in a Protective Order or Peace Order and the Petition was denied or dismissed at the:

  • Interim,
  • Temporary,
  • Or Final Protective/Peace order stage of the proceeding; or you consented to the entry of a Protective Order/Peace Order, you may be eligible to have your record shielded.

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What Does it Mean to Shield Your Record?

With respect to records kept at the courthouse, shielding your record means removing the record to a separate secure area to which persons who do not have a legitimate reason for access are denied access.

With respect to electronic information about the proceeding on Maryland Judiciary Case Search, shielding means completely removing all information concerning the proceeding from the public website, including the:

  • Names of the parties,
  • Case numbers,
  • And any reference to the proceeding or any reference to the removal of the proceeding from the public website.

A case will remain on your civil record indefinitely, unless and until you request the matter be shielded with the court in writing. Upon a written request to shield your record, the court must schedule a hearing regarding the request. There are a number of conditions contingent upon the Court granting a request to shield your record. The attorneys at Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake (SZL) are knowledgeable in this area of law and are here to help you remove any negative tarnish from your civil record.

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