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Assault & Battery

Assault & Battery Lawyers in Howard County

Protect Your Future against Accusations of Violent Crimes in Columbia, MD

If you or a loved one has been charged with assault and/or battery, hiring representation right away is in your best interest. These charges carry harsh penalties and societal consequences that impact your future. Those accused of committing assault and battery, face being labeled a "violent person" and must live with a damaged reputation. In some cases, these allegations can be just as damaging as a conviction. That is why you need an experienced attorney on your side.

When our team at Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake takes a case, we immediately get to work investigating the charges. Every second counts in a criminal case, especially with violent crime charges or allegations. Our Howard County assault and battery lawyers understand the severity of the charges you face and can provide you with the personalized legal representation you deserve.

To secure our legal defense, reach out to us at (410) 927-5137 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Possible Defense Strategies for Assault & Battery

The crimes assault and battery are covered under Title 3 (Crimes Against the Person), Subtitle 2 of Maryland Criminal Legal Code. While these crimes are technically two different offenses, many people are arrested or convicted of both simultaneously.

The charge of assault involves threatening another person, causing them to fear that they would be harmed, regardless of whether they were hurt or not. Battery is the act of physically harming another person. Fortunately, we have the resources, knowledge, and dedication necessary to review your case and build a defense strategy on your behalf.

A few examples of defense strategies we may employ include:

  • A case of mistaken identity
  • The threat was made by someone else
  • You could not carry out any threat
  • You did not intend to carry out a threat

Hire a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney

At Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake, we have experience representing a wide range of violent crimes, including assault and battery charges. Our goal is always to obtain the most favorable resolution, whether that may be a reduction of charges, a dismissal, or lessening the penalties you may receive.

To speak with a knowledgeable Howard County assault and battery lawyer, call us at (410) 927-5137.

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