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    "This is a top notch firm with the resources and know how to effectively work your case out down to the last detail."
    This firm will charge a premium but it is worth it. This is a top notch firm with the resources and know how to effectively work your case out down to the last detail. I have absolutely no complaints. The firm also has connections with bonding companies if you're facing an excessively high bond from Maryland's commissioners.
    - Austin
    "Easy to work with"
    Prompt, professional, and easy to work with as a client.
    - Zach S.
    "Will Be In Good Hands"
    I never hesitate to refer any potential clients with criminal defense needs to Justin Lake or David Zwanetz
    - Joe M.
    "Great Lawyer With Ethics and Morals"
    From my 8-month experience, Mr. Justin Lake is a great lawyer with ethics and morals. Even more a good man in a time there seems to be a shortage of. Highly recommend!
    - L.W.
    "Professional, Reliable, and Perfect for the Job"
    I feel safe knowing these guys have my back! I highly recommend this firm. I’ve worked with David Zwanetz in the past and he is professional, reliable, and perfect at his job!
    - C.H.
    "My family and I can’t thank him enough!"
    David is God sent! I was referred to this firm by my family law firm (kudos to them). I was falsely accused of allegations against me. Literally within 8 business days, David was able to get the case dismissed and charges dropped at the State Attorney’s level. Not only is he highly experienced, but he also works on your case FAST and exhausts every effort to make sure you get a fair outcome. I retained him and within an hour he had already started working on my case..amazing! He kept me up-to-date on changes very frequently..which for many law firms is unheard of. Even his paralegal team was spot on with maintaining communication. My family and I can’t thank him enough!

    This firm will always get my highest recommendation! Thanks again, David.
    - C.L.
    "SZA Firm Is the Way to Go!"
    The way you handled my case with honesty and sincerity was what we needed.
    - R.M.
    "Your delivery and presentation was, simply put, outstanding."
    Dear Justin, I feel this truly was an extraordinary outcome. My gratitude to you is immense. I felt strong, at peace and confident standing shoulder to shoulder as you addressed the Judge. Your delivery and presentation was, simply put, outstanding. I am also sorry that we had to meet under such unfortunate circumstances but I am confident time will present both of us with a better position to meet again once this is behind us.
    - M.B.
    "Always excellent and encouraging!"
    Justin, I think my gratitude for your handling of our daughter’s case came through yesterday. I hope you never lose the care and kindness that you bring to your practice of law. Your help over the months was at times above and beyond, and always excellent and encouraging. We will always hold you in the highest esteem for what you did for us.
    - G.S.
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