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Wrongful Death Attorney in MD


Someone was negligent. As a result, you lost a loved one. No amount of money can make up for what happened. However, working with a wrongful death attorney ensures that you receive the compensation and support you need to move on with your life.

Can a Wrongful Death Attorney Help Me?

A wrongful death attorney in MD can work with surviving spouses, dependent children, and parents. The lawyer helps you understand your rights as well as the timelines involved in filing a claim. Because the damages you suffered are extensive, there are different compensation levels. Examples of possible damages include:

  • Monetary losses that are direct results of the defendant’s negligence
  • Economic losses that have to do with your loved one’s current and future earnings potential
  • Pain and suffering that is the result of losing this person
  • Emotional damages of dependent children, which arise from the premature death of the caregiver
  • Costs that you incurred to replace the household, child-rearing, and similar assistance your loved one provided

Why Waiting to File a Claim May Not Be in Your Best Interest

You have to file a claim to receive Maryland wrongful death benefits. Working with a wrongful death attorney ensures that you don’t miss the statute of limitations. Starting with the date of the accident, the law puts a time constraint on you. If you fail to file a claim by the deadline, you may lose your legal rights.

Moreover, the insurance companies will not wait for you to deal with grief. They may try to get you to settle the case for far less than it’s worth. It’s in their best interest if you sign the paperwork just so that they’ll go away. Furthermore, insurers don’t understand what your exact compensation needs are.

Hiring a wrongful death attorney in MD protects your rights. The lawyer gives you the time you need to grieve while also keeping an eye on the statutes. He looks over any paperwork that the insurer wants you to sign. Doing so protects you from making legally-binding agreements that may not be in your best interest.

What It’s Like to Work With an Attorney

The process behind a wrongful death claim is complicated, so your wrongful death attorney will help you understand its complications. You know exactly what happens and how it affects you. Because the legal team understands that this is a difficult time, they won’t bother you unnecessarily. Most importantly, the attorney won’t demand any money up front.

You pay the lawyer when he successfully concludes the case. In this way, you don’t have to spend any money when you file your claim. The attorney will also direct insurers to contact the office rather than bother you with questions. Again, you have enough to deal with.

Find out more about working with a wrongful death attorney in MD. The personal injury lawyers at Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake want to help you in this challenging time. Call (410) 927-5137 today to schedule an appointment.