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What Happens If a CDL Holder Gets a DUI in Maryland?


As a commercial driver, your CDL is your livelihood. Losing it due to a DUI can have severe consequences on your career and personal life. If you are a CDL holder in Maryland and have been charged with a DUI, it is crucial to understand the legal process and the potential penalties you may face.

DUI Laws for Commercial Drivers in Maryland

For CDL holders operating a commercial vehicle, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is reduced to 0.04%. This is lower than the 0.08% limit that applies to non-commercial drivers.

The Consequences of a DUI for CDL Holders in Maryland

Along with standard DUI penalties (e.g., jail time, fines, etc.), if a CDL holder is convicted of DUI while operating any vehicle, their CDL will be suspended for a minimum of one year for a first offense. If the CDL holder was transporting hazardous materials at the time of the offense, the minimum suspension period is three years. For a second or subsequent offense, the CDL will be revoked for life, meaning the driver will permanently lose their commercial driving privileges.

If a CDL holder is convicted of DUI while driving a non-commercial vehicle, their regular driver's license will also be suspended or revoked according to the penalties imposed on non-commercial drivers. The length of suspension or revocation depends on factors such as BAC level and prior convictions.

What to Do If You Are a Commercial Driver Charged with a DUI in Maryland

If you are a CDL holder charged with a DUI in Maryland, the first step is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your attorney can help you understand your rights, the legal process, and the potential consequences. It is also crucial to comply with any court orders, such as attending a drug or alcohol treatment program.

At Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake, we understand the severe consequences of a DUI for commercial drivers in Maryland. Our skilled DUI attorneys can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights.

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