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Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake (SZL)’s First Jury Trial of 2015


In January, when our first newsletter of 2015 was published it read: “2014 was another strong year for Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake (SZL) and for the firm’s clients…..The firm’s three Criminal Defense Attorneys, won each and every jury trial, getting NOT GUILTY verdicts for our clients regarding their cases which were litigated in different counties around the State….” Since that was written, David Zwanetz tried the firm’s only jury trial, thus far, in 2015. This was a three-day jury trial whereby our client was charged in a serious assault. Moreover, we were representing an innocent man, wrongfully accused of a crime and misidentified by witnesses. After less than one-half hour of deliberations, the jury unanimously declared our client NOT GUILTY! Our client regained his life, Justice was achieved, and a number of jurors left with David’s business card, noting that Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake (SZL) not only defends criminal cases, but we prosecute personal injury matters on the behalf of the injured. Great job, Dave!

Jason Shapiro and David Zwanetz Get Published!

Aspatore Books, a division of Thompson Reuters, one of the country’s most respected legal publications, sought Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake (SZL)’s own Jason Shapiro to write a chapter of a book for lawyers. Jason wrote the chapter titled “Building the Foundation of Your Case,” in the book Trends in DUI Discovery. The publisher asked Jason to write this chapter based on Jason’s superior knowledge and extensive experience in this regard. Jason’s writing was so well received that Aspatore Books again requested Jason’s assistance. However, this time, Jason took a secondary role to his law partner, David Zwanetz’s research and writing.

In The Legality of Search and Seizure in DUI Cases, Jason and David collaborated on writing another well-received book amongst attorneys. Jason and David discussed the origins on the law on search and seizure, and reviewed decisions by the United States Supreme Court that impact the constitutionality of stops of automobiles and their ultimate searches. The attorneys of Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake (SZL) have won many, many cases on similar constitutional issues, as the attorneys are well versed in attacking a case on it facts or on its law. In other words, our attacks in defense of our clients are two-fisted, law and facts! Our strategy on attacking the law is now published as a guidebook for other lawyers to follow. If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then Jason and David are quite humbled and flattered by being considered authorities in this regard.