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SZL: Not Just Criminal & Traffic Defenders


SZL: Not Just Criminal & Traffic Defenders

By: Jason A. Shapiro

When Managing Partner, Jason A. Shapiro, served the state of Maryland as a prosecuting attorney with the Office of the State’s Attorney for Howard County, he was given the opportunity to become Supervisor of the Auto Manslaughter Unit. During his tenure prosecuting at-fault driver’s who under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or otherwise, took a life, Jason learned valuable lessons. He worked closely with Accident Reconstructionists, doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, pathologists and unfortunately, medical examiners. While a prosecutor, Jason never lost in auto manslaughter case.

In 1994, when Jason founded his own firm which has now become Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake, Jason relied on that valuable experience to provide the highest quality of representation to those seeking compensation due to an auto accident. Since his firm’s inception, Jason has been able to recover millions of dollars for his clients, providing living expenses for a grieving widow and her children; enabling his clients to get the expensive, yet needed medical care that they otherwise could not afford; and to compensate a myriad of accident victims for their pain and suffering.

Additionally, Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake has continued to branch out and has even successfully argued Medical Malpractice cases on behalf of their clients. However, while providing defense for those charged with criminal, DUI/DWI or traffic matters, or pursuing compensation for those injured as a result of a negligent driver or because of a medical professional’s malpractice, Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake has always been true to its core values in recognizing that each of our clients is a unique individual, each deserving of the highest client/customer service while obtaining our clients the excellent results that they deserve.

Please consider referring Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake for anyone that may need an attorney for any personal injury matter. Thank you!