Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are in legal trouble, you need the best criminal defense lawyer to be your ally. But how do you know that you have found this professional? What are some traits that signify a dedicated attorney? Here is what you need to know.

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Tries to Keep You Out of Court

The best criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County MD will try to resolve your case at the pre-trial level. The goal is to keep you out of a courtroom. If this is not possible, the attorney then becomes your rigorous defender.

It starts with trial preparation, continues with jury selection, and finishes with skilled courtroom representation. However, you should not take the lawyer’s word for it. A free consultation lets you learn more about the practice and the professionals who run it. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss a possible strategy for defending your case.

Fees Should Be Transparent

Many people shrink back from hiring a criminal defense attorney because they worry about the money. Some try to represent themselves, which is rarely a good idea. Others opt for a public defender, which may or may not be your best choice. Flat fee rates for criminal matters are the hallmarks of the best criminal defense lawyer.

With flat fee pricing, you know ahead of time what representation will cost you. There are no surprises. Moreover, you understand what the charges mean. As a result, you feel comfortable with the situation and in control of your circumstances.

Minimize the Impact of Collateral Consequences

The best criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County MD does not just see you as a case number. Instead, our attorneys understand that you are a person who is under tremendous stress because of the legal issues. As a result, defending your case includes services such as:

  • Extensive track record of handling all aspects of litigation
  • A personal touch that acknowledges how terrifying an accusation of criminal wrongdoing can be
  • Intense collaboration with the client so that you never feel alone in this situation
  • A live chat feature that lets you touch base during office hours for status updates
  • An emergency phone number that enables you to connect with the office and a live operator around the clock

The best attorney makes you feel as though you are the only client of this office. Personalized attention and compassionate guidance make this possible. Since everyone has a different need, it makes sense to customize the approach.

If this level of representation sounds right for you, then it’s time to start interviewing for the best criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County MD. At Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake, attorneys work hard to help you through this challenging time. We also assist with personal injuryDUI/DWI, and estate planning cases. Call (410) 927-5137 today to schedule a free consultation with your friends that defend.