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Drug Charges MD


Have the police arrested you for possession of illegal substances? Are you facing drug charges that may involve misdemeanor or felony sentencing? Dealing with the situation requires a comprehensive defense. Here is what this may look like.

Understand the Severity of the Charges

Your court documents outline what the charges are. Generally, drug charges MD courts hear include single and double penalty cases. If this is your first charged offense, you are in jeopardy of fines, time in confinement, or both. When you are dealing with a subsequent offense, the penalties may double.

If police officers also found drug paraphernalia, you may have to answer additional charges. Additionally, the current discussion in the legislature about amending sentencing guidelines for drug charges MD recognizes adds confusion to this mix. Navigating the minefield of primary and secondary charges is tricky. Therefore, working with a defense team that looks out for you can make a difference.

Find Out About Your Rights

You read the charges against you, but they do not seem to make a lot of sense. There are circumstances that the police did not make a note of. However, these situations have a significant impact on your side of the story. Getting the court to listen to you is paramount.

Work with attorneys who meet with you and listen intently to your side. Discuss the drug charges and circumstances that led to your arrest. The team works with you to prepare a defense. Besides that, the attorney offers advice on how to conduct yourself during your hearing.

You have access to the documentation that the prosecution prepares. This is an invaluable opportunity to pinpoint mistakes and problems. As you prepare for trial, the lawyer will try to resolve the case without going through the formal prosecution process. Almost all juvenile defendants benefit from avoiding formal prosecution of drug charges.

Have a Team That Cares about You on Your Side

Dealing with an accusation that involves drugs is a scary time. You do not know what to do. Your family worries about what will happen to you. Similarly, you do not know if you are facing jail time.

Friends and family members may try to offer good advice. However, you need legal representation. Examples of services include:

  • Assistance with a bench warrant
  • Support if you need to turn yourself in
  • Meetings with an attorney to review your case and the documents
  • Emergency access to the law office through a 24/7 phone line
  • Live chat availability for questions during business hours

Collaborating on your defense with a caring team makes a difference. When you work with a trusted legal team, you go from fearing the process to understanding what is happening. Therefore, you feel that you have the preparation you need to continue with the scrutiny the court exercises. Besides that, your loved ones learn how to support you in this challenging time.

Finding the attorneys to put on your team does not have to be difficult. For drug charges as well as general criminal charges, Shapiro Zwanetz & Lake are the friends that defend. Call (410) 927-5137 today to schedule a free consultation.