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Beware: Local Service Ads Are Not Entirely Localized

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Lawyers Lie!

I recently had an interesting meeting with SZL’s internet marketing team that I felt worth sharing: The team consists of three net-advertising wizards. They are all powerhouse women and refer to themselves as “Charlie's Angels.” While they have girl-boss abilities and Farrah Fawcett hair, they are not from Maryland. They work remotely from their respective locations: two in Los Angeles and one in Nashville.

This month’s meeting centered on demographics. Not being from Maryland, I had to explain the county-centric nature of the Maryland landscape. I.e.., most people in Maryland identify where they live by their county, rather than their town. This is relevant in the field of criminal defense.

Many times, Defendants seek local defense counsel. It makes sense: one is charged in Howard County by the Howard County Police. They go to court in the Howard County District/Circuit Court and are prosecuted by the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office. Local counsel usually means a law firm with an office in Howard County with lawyers that practice daily in-county, know the Howard County players, are involved in the local politics and work in the halls of the Howard County courthouses, daily.

While this is not necessary, if a prospective client wants local counsel, they will often search for local counsel.

What You Should Look for in the Local Service Ads Results

Google is the #1 place for a person who’s not in the know to get in the know about any topic. Google has a feature called Local Service Ads where lawyers can advertise their local services, such as criminal defense. All one has to do is toss some money to the Google Gods and they will have ads that suggest they are local to a region, lets’ say Howard County, even if they are not from Howard County.

I challenge you: go to Google right now and type in “Howard County DUI Lawyer.” Look at the addresses of the lawyers who advertise under Howard County’s Local Service Ads.

You will see that Google’s version of local is prominently based on the money a person pays to say they are local, rather than the truth. If you see SZL’s local service ads and cross-reference the address of SZL’s Office, you will see it is, and always has been, in Howard County.

We Are Your Local Lawyers of Howard County

If you look into the SZL team’s backgrounds, you will find David Zwanetz, Justin Lake, and Jason Shapiro.

David Zwanetz went to Hammond Elementary School, Hammond Middle, Atholton High School, grew up in Scaggsvile (HOCO), currently lives in Glenwood, and has worked on Howard County criminal defense matters for his entire 16-year career.

Justin Lake also went to Atholton High School. He and Jason Shapiro were both Howard County State’s Attorneys. Jason’s amazing children who are now grown and thriving were all products of the Howard County School system. You will see that David Zwanetz is on the Howard County Bar Associations Judicial Selection Committee. Jason Shapiro was on the Juridical Nominating Commission responsible for selecting Howard County Judges, for years.

We are real Howard County locals. If it is a local you seek, SZL is your team. All this simple article is meant to do is suggest that you look at the address and credentials of the lawyers you seek, rather than just the fancy glamor shot in the paid LSA ads.

Yes, we also have our hero pics on Google’s Local Service Ads. However, the difference between us and many others is that we really are not LYING - we really are local.

Whether your freedom is at stake due to criminal charges, you’ve suffered an injury through no fault of your own, or you are planning the protection of your heirs after you pass away, our Howard County lawyers are here for you. Get representation from a team of locals who know and understand the unique systems, processes, and people who have a hand in your matter. We get it because we’re locals who know and have what it takes to help you move forward.

Get in touch with us online or at (410) 927-5137 today.